Everyone Can Benefit from an Assignment

Everyone Can Benefit from an Assignment

Six Ways to Make it Work


Everyone Can Benefit from an AssignmentIt’s always a challenge to get the right person in the right role at the right place. But that’s what being a global mobility (GM) professional is all about—helping to move talented employees to the best places for them and their organizations.

What can you do to make this work for everyone involved? Here are six ways to help you and your organization get it all done efficiently and effectively the first time.


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Stuart Jackson
Stuart Jackson

As Account Director at Sterling Lexicon, Stuart focuses on working with clients to optimize their global mobility solutions. Stuart has worked in global mobility for 19 years. His broad experience of working with different program sizes across a variety of industry sectors helps to bring success to clients' programms and wider business strategies. If you would like to discuss any of the points raised in this article or learn more about Sterling Lexicon, please do not hesitate to contact Stuart Jackson at stuart.jackson@sterlinglexicon.com.

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