Take 5 with Sterling Lexicon’s Regional Director, Business Development

Take 5 with Sterling Lexicon’s Regional Director, Business Development

Drew Phillips

Meet Drew Phillips, Sterling Lexicon’s new regional director of business development. He brings more than 15 years of experience in global mobility. We asked him five questions to find out more about him and his passion for mobility.

What is your background in global mobility?

I have over 15 years of experience in the mobility industry, including global sales, account management and business development.

I began in relocation on the real estate sales side of the business in the Northern California Bay Area. My next role was national account manager and director of business development for a global third-party service provider. Then I moved into the relocation management company side of the business.

What attracted you to Sterling Lexicon?

I was attracted to Sterling Lexicon’s reputation within the service partner community and with clients. The recent acquisition of Sterling and positioning provided what I saw as the perfect opportunity be a part of something great, that continues to make itself greater and is paving a clear path of innovation forward.

What are you most passionate about in global mobility?

I am a real estate geek at heart and love the idea that we assist in the overall success of a business during a critical time. I believe in having integrity and accountability in all aspects of what we as a team accomplish.

What region will you concentrate on?

I will be working the California market specifically with support in all of the West Coast. I’m happy to work in the area that I have watched grow since my youth. This region is still in and of itself one of the largest economies in the world.

What book inspires you most professionally?

“Take the Leap” by Sarah Bliss. Simple affirmations of pushing yourself, doing the right things and reaching to be better are always inspirational.


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