Take 5 with Sterling Lexicon’s Business Development Manager for Germany

Take 5 with Sterling Lexicon’s Business Development Manager for Germany

Matthias VogelMeet Matthias Vogel, our new Business Development Manager for Germany. We asked him five questions to find out more about his philosophy on business development.

What is your background in global mobility?

I’ve focused on business development, including pursuing strategic opportunities, cultivating partnerships and identifying new markets.

What attracted you to Sterling Lexicon?

Several reasons stand out. The most important to me is the people. At Sterling Lexicon, there are experienced global mobility professionals and highly motivated talent. The team truly takes ownership of client projects. Being flexible and possessing a deep empathy for others is a winning formula for meeting and even exceeding client expectations. I’m excited and proud to be part of the team.

What will be your areas of focus at Sterling Lexicon?

Being a Business Development Manager at Sterling Lexicon provides me with the opportunity to work with clients and really understand their business and then put together the right group of programs to reach their mobility goals.

What region will you be concentrating on?

Principally, I’ll be supporting Germany. The great thing about Germany is that it’s a global hub. Many worldwide companies have a large presence here, and that goes hand in hand with global mobility needs. It’s a hidden gem of global opportunities.

Which of our core values (teamwork, commitment, innovation, integrity, trust) do you feel you embody most?

Integrity aligns best with my personality. Especially in the role as business development manager, it is important to listen carefully to the challenges that clients face and advise on how to solve them. Integrity builds deep trust, a long-standing relationship and future partnerships.


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