Sterling Lexicon sees around corners, even whey they are halfway around the world

    Bespoke, International Assignment Solutions

    There’s a reason you transferred one of your most talented employees 5,000 miles across the globe, and it wasn’t to manage his or her relocation process. That’s why Sterling Lexicon’s expert consultants are masters in service management. It’s why every supply chain partner goes through one of the most rigorous evaluation programs in the industry. And most importantly, it’s why Sterling Lexicon builds every solution to the exacting needs of your most valuable employees; walking them through every aspect of their assignment from pre-assessment to repatriation. It’s to allow your most valuable people to focus on what is most valuable to your business.


    Assignment management services

    • Candidate assessment
    • Compensation accumulation
    • Cost projections
    • Departure/destination services
    • Expense management
    • Family transition services
    • Ongoing assignment support
    • Repatriation services
    • Tax reporting
    • Tenancy management
    • Visa and immigration services

    Whether your relocating an MVP, or a new trainee... Sterling Lexicon believes delivering happy, productive employees is the highest value they provide to customers.

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