Enhancing the transferee experience

    Build Confidence and Connectivity for Aspiring Talent

    Providing the right balance of relocation services for new hires can be challenging, time-consuming and costly. For this reason, many companies shift the management and budgeting aspects of the relocation to employees. Sterling Lexicon’s lump sum platform provides easy-to-use tools, guidance, and support through an intuitive, digital interface; delivering a superior door-to-door relocation experience for your employees, and providing enhanced visibility and connectivity for your HR team.


    Transferees like Tyler benefit from

    • step-by-step visibility of the relocation process
    • autonomy to select services and prioritize spending
    • 24/7 accessibility to tools and resources
    • best-in-class supplier recommendations
    • user-friendly budgeting and expense tool
    • accessibility across multiple mobile devices

    Sterling Lexicon’s innovative approach to lump sum technology puts a world full of relocation experience and resources right where every next generation employee wants it… in the palm of their hands.

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