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Moving to Italy from France

Dreaming of moving to Italy? 

You aren’t alone. By official estimates, more than 36,000 French citizens live in Italy – making Italy the 10th most popular destination for French expats. The advantages of living in Italy include historical sites, exceptional regional cuisine, wine, fashion, art, and – of course –  la dolce vita! 

Read on for answers to your top questions about moving to Italy, written by our team of move specialists and experienced expats. 

Or scroll down for our Easy 10 step checklist for Moving to Italy from France.

Before You Move to Italy | What you need to know

Where do most French expats live in Italy?

Large cities like Rome, Florence and Milan are popular with expats from France and around the world. These cities offer vibrant culture, access to services, and excellent international schools including Lycée Chateaubriand (Rome), Lycée Victor Hugo (Florence)and Lycée Stendhal (Milan). 

Turin is also a popular destination for French expats due to the presence of several large French companies. The bilingual Lycée Francais Jean Giono is located on the outskirts of the city. 

family getting photographed in italy

Some expats choose to live in small towns and villages, which beguile residents with a slower pace of life, access to nature, and a sense of community. The Aosta Valley – an autonomous region in the north of Italy – is officially bilingual. 

Serious golfers have known for years that Italy has world class golf courses from the Alps in the north to Sicily in the far south. With the Ryder cup’s appearance in Rome in September 2023, the rest of the world is catching on too. 

Beach and water lovers are spoiled for choice – almost half of Italy’s 7500 km coastline is made up of low-lying shoreline or sandy beaches. 

Sardinian port

Is it expensive to live in Italy? 

The cost of living in Italy is typically about 10% cheaper than France. 

The difference is even greater if you move to a small city or town. For example, expats moving from Paris to the island of Sardinia could save up to 40% in living expenses. 

french passport

Can French citizens live in Italy?

Citizens of EU member states have the right to travel in other EU countries without a visa for up to three months. If you plan to stay in Italy longer than 3 months, you must register with your local authorities (Comune-Ufficio Anagrafe) and apply for a Certificate of Residence (Certificato di Residenza).*

You may be asked to provide:
●    Proof of a work contract, university enrolment, other reason to live in Italy, or proof of financial means
●    Lease, mortgage or other proof of housing in Italy
●    Passport and other forms of identification
●    Proof of health insurance
●    Your Codice Fiscale (tax identification number), which can be requested at an Italian revenue agency (within Italy) or at your nearest Italian consulate or embassy (in France)

After five years, you may be eligible to apply for Permanent Residence status or citizenship.

*Consult with your immigration lawyer for details applicable to your specific circumstances. This content does not constitute legal advice. 

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Do French Citizens need health insurance in Italy? 

French citizens who are moving to Italy can apply online for a free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) using the Ameli website. The EHIC allows French expats to access Italy’s publicly-funded health care through the Servicio Sanitario Nazionale (SSN). After three months in Italy, new residents must register with their Azienda Sanità Locale (local health unit). 

The WHO ranks Italy’s public health care system highly for outcomes, but there can be wait times for non-urgent treatments. As a result, many French expats purchase private insurance which gives access to a larger number of physicians and private hospitals. 

Moving to Italy from France 10 Step Checklist

Ready to get started? 

Plan your move to Italy with our Easy 10 Step Moving Checklist. It was created by expats and our Sterling Lexicon move specialists to help make your move a success. 

Step 1: Find an accredited moving company 
Step 2: Schedule a moving survey
Step 3: Complete booking form and book move date
Step 4: Complete documents required for moving
Step 5: Prepare your family and home for moving - what to pack, store and give away
Step 6: Helpful hints to have a successful moving day 
Step 7: Household goods road transport to Italy
Step 8: Plan for an easy travel day
Step 9: Household goods delivery and unpacking 
Step 10: Welcome to your new home- steps to getting settled

Step 1 Find an accredited international moving company

Moving from France to Italy is more complicated than a local move. 

Choose a removals company certified for road transport in the EU

Select a removals company that specialises in road transport within the EU and offers high-quality services. Top removals companies are certified by FIDI, the independent association that audits international removers. Sterling Lexicon is FIDI FAIM certified

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Look for eco-friendly packing materials designed for EU road transport

These include sustainable and eco-friendly cartons for packing and clean reusable blankets for furniture wrapping. For art and other high-value items, top quality movers use export-quality wrapping, carding or crating.

Sterling Lexicon uses packing materials that offer the highest level of protection and are kind to the environment.  

Step 2 Request a moving quote and schedule a moving survey

Top tip! Some moving companies may offer a quick quote online or over the phone. Be careful – phone estimates are not accurate, and the final price you pay might be much higher. 

Make sure that your mover conducts an in-person or virtual survey for an accurate estimate of your household goods shipment. You can request a moving survey using an online Request a Move Quote Form. Moving companies with a Paris office like Sterling Lexicon can also be reached by telephone or email. 

With Sterling Lexicon, your consultation will be conducted by a Move Specialist, not a salesperson. Our Move Specialists average more than 12 years in the moving industry and are experts in transporting household goods within the EU. They will walk you through the moving process and answer your questions.

couple meeting with move specialist

What to expect during a home moving survey

During the home survey, your Move Specialist should discuss:

●    Special access or parking needs for packing and delivery
●    Items to be transported
●    Furniture storage
●    Vehicle transport within the EU
●    Insuring your items
●    Packing standards for EU road transport
●    Fine art moving, wine collections and any items that require special packing

This survey may be conducted virtually or in person. 

When you receive your move summary and quote, check the details and the price. If you get more than one quote, make sure you have a like-for-like comparison. 

Step 3 Complete your booking form and book your move date

Complete and submit your booking form to secure your move date. Payment can usually be made over the phone or online. If you have any questions, ask your dedicated Move Specialist. 

The Sterling Lexicon Promise

Book with confidence. Book to reserve your move date and if things change you can move your dates. Sterling Lexicon is an accredited international mover providing professional support throughout your move from France to Italy. FIDI protected.

EU Road transport truck

Step 4 Complete documents required to transport household goods to Italy

Customs requirements for road transport in the EU

Good news! For EU citizens moving within the EU, no customs forms are required for household goods transport.*

*Consult with your move specialist to determine if additional forms are required in your particular situation. 

Protect your move with transit protection

Don’t forget to protect your belongings by taking out transit protection. To determine the amount of coverage you need, identify the replacement value of your items and make sure to include items that are in sets. Ask your Move Specialist if you have any questions. 

Step 5 Prepare your family and home for moving day 

Talk to your child about moving

Follow our guide to moving with children to help your child adjust to an international relocation


Decide what to move, store or give away

Before moving day, go through your home room by room. 

🗸 Consider selling or donating items that you no longer want. 
🗸 Set aside and clearly mark items that will be sent to storage.
🗸 Safely discard items that are prohibited for road transport in the EU.

For details, read our guide: Moving Overseas: What to pack, store or give away.

Items prohibited for EU Road Transport

The following categories of items may not be transported by road in the EU. Examples include but are not limited to:

●    Flammable Liquids: Oils, petrol, paint, varnish, kerosene, turpentine, pure alcohol, mentholated spirits, photographic developers, perfume, lighter fluid, toxins and poisons (e.g. arsenic, polishes, pesticides, weed killers)
●    Explosives: Flares, fireworks, ammunition, black powder
●    Flammable Gases: Oxygen, methane, acetylene, chlorine gas, fire extinguishers
●    Radioactive Materials: Wet batteries
●    Corrosives: Oxides, mercury, caustic solutions, acids, drain cleaner, bleach
●    Firearms / Weapons: Handguns, military weapons, fully automatic weapons, bb guns, switchblades
●    Miscellaneous: Irritants, matches, life rafts, scuba tanks, aerosol cans, pressurised vessels, butane lighters and refills, explosive devices, gas cylinders (including soft drink makers), prescription medicine, drug & drug paraphernalia
●    Food / Plants: Live plants, seeds, fresh fruits or vegetables, meat or milk products, tuna fish products, pet food
●    In addition, the following items can not be shipped via air freight: Rechargeable batteries, fluids such as alcohol, drinks, cough syrup, shampoo, laundry detergent, fragrance, cream, toothpaste etc. and prescription medicine
*Ask your Move Specialist if you have any questions.

Identify important items to carry with you when you move

Set aside important items in a clearly marked container so they do not get packed.

🗸 Passport
🗸 Visa
🗸 Phone, laptops and chargers
🗸 Power pack
🗸 Adaptors 
🗸 Jewellery
🗸 Medication 
🗸 Physical and digital copies of insurance
🗸 Lease or mortgage letter
🗸 Any other necessary documents

Step 6 Have a successful moving day

When your moving crew arrives, show them which items should be packed as well as items that need storage or special care. Items that should not be moved should be clearly marked and set aside before the movers arrive.

Find a safe place for your pet on moving day

Ask a friend or family member to look after your pet on packing day(s). If you are bringing your pet with you to Italy, speak with your move specialist about Sterling Lexicon’s safe and sound International Pet Transport services.

Young woman hugging dog

Check your packing inventory

Your moving crew should provide an inventory list of all cartons, furniture and other items they load onto the lorry. Keep it until your possessions have arrived in Italy and are unpacked in your new home.

Step 7 Household goods transport from France to Italy

Your goods are on their way!

Track and manage your move online

Once your home is packed, you may be able to track the progress of your transport online. Check if your international removal company offers this option.

Step 8 Travel to Italy

On your travel day, leave plenty of time to get to the airport or train station, and check road conditions before you depart. If you are moving with small children, pack plenty of snacks, books and activities. 

Remember to carry your passports, medications, and any important papers in your carry-on luggage.

Tell your Move Specialist your travel plans so that they can schedule delivery of your household goods.

Step 9 Delivery and unpacking in Italy

Once you have arrived in your new home, inform your Move Specialist. They will arrange for delivery and unpacking (if requested) at your new home. 

On delivery day, take care of essential items first, like making beds, setting up children’s rooms and unpacking some glasses and dishes.

Step 10 Welcome to your new home

Congratulations! It’s time to settle in and enjoy your new adventure.

Remember to:
🗸 Contact your local utilities and phone provider 
🗸 Register for a local doctor and dentist 
🗸 Arrange private health insurance
🗸 Register with your local authorities and request your tax ID number
🗸 Arrange for a bank account
🗸 Join local clubs and sign up for activities 

family in italian square


Additional Areas We Can Help With

Currency Exchange

If you need to transfer EUR to CAD before you move to Canada, we recommend Currencies Direct.

Currencies Direct is multi-award-winning foreign exchange company. They have been helping people save time and money on their currency transfers since 1996. Contact Currencies Direct today!

Moving classic cars and motorcycles to Italy

Check out our Door-to-Door vehicle shipping guide and FAQ

classic car on an empty road

Moving fine art to Italy

Sterling Lexicon specialises in high-quality packing and shipping. Learn more about our top quality moving services, including fine art and collections.

Moving pets to Italy

The website of the European Union is an excellent source of information about transporting pets in Europe. To move your pet within the EU, your pet must:

●    Be microchipped
●    Have an animal health certificate showing proof of tapeworm treatment and a valid rabies vaccine administered more than 21 days prior to travel
●    Have a valid European pet passport*
*Note that the EU pet passport only applies to dogs, cats and ferrets. Other animals and exotic pets are subject to Italian regulations. 

If your pet is flying to Italy, you will also need to arrange proper crating, veterinarian documentation and the safest airline itinerary. Many French expats choose to simplify their move with professional pet relocation services.

cute dog holding an airplane ticket


Why Sterling Lexicon

We have offices across Europe, the United States, the United Kingdom and Asia, and we offer top quality moving services around the world. Our Move Specialists are experts in road transport within the EU. Don’t just take our word for it, see our Sterling Lexicon customer reviews.

For a high-quality move from France to Italy, contact us today!

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