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Move to Ohio

Read this guide if you plan to move to Ohio from the UK. If you do decide to move home, some expert assistance will make settling far easier. This guide has been written by experienced international removal experts and expats living abroad.

How to move to Ohio, USA from the UK

The information below will help get you started and lead you through the moving process. It offers practical advice on the international removals process, and what you need to know before you decide to move and for after you arrive.

Deciding to move to Ohio from the UK

UK citizens who move from the UK to Ohio (OH) are attracted by its vibrant cities, notably Cincinnati, which offers excellent career opportunities and a diverse economy.

Cincinnati is the third-largest city in Ohio

Although the state capital is Columbus, Cincinnati (population: 1,750,000) is a bustling regional centre famous for its baseball and American football teams and 19th-century buildings. Ideally located, in the Mid-West, almost half of the USA is within easy reach of it. Other major plus factors are affordable properties, good schools, and a good quality of life. Beyond Cincinnati, an eclectic selection of attractions include Lake Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland on the vast Lake Eerie, Amish County, the Hocking Hills State Park, and the Cleveland Museum of Art.



Jobs and careers in Cincinnati, Ohio

As a foreign national, you’ll need to have a job lined up before you can move, luckily Cincinnati’s healthy economy presents plenty of opportunities for UK citizens looking to move to America.

Working in Cincinnati

Cincinnati has a thriving economy, partly thanks to its role as one of the major economic centres of the American Mid-West and of Ohio.

Major employers

Major sectors include financial services, insurance, education, healthcare, retail, transport, and manufacture. Fortune 500 firms are represented by finance companies American Financial Group, Fifth Third Bank and Western & Southern Financial Group, consumer goods corporation Procter & Gamble and retailer Kroger Company. Other major employers in the city include multinational conglomerate General Electric, the University of Cincinnati, and healthcare providers TriHealth and Mercy Health.

Doing business in Cincinnati

The USA and Ohio state both have a pro-business culture and corresponding low levels of bureaucracy, which will help make your transition that bit easier. You’ll also find plenty of networking opportunities, and numerous business associations exist. Concerning personal income tax, bear in mind that there are federal and state deductions, and contributions to social security. In Ohio, local income tax rates are progressive but low. A double taxation treaty applies between the USA and UK, so you won’t pay tax twice on the same income.



Getting a visa for your move to Ohio

Once you have secured work in Ohio, you can start organising your visa. Bear in mind that normally you’ll also need to apply for a work permit. There are many different visa types for moving to America, and the application process can be detailed.

The EB-5 visa is a popular choice for the majority of British citizens moving to Ohio, but it will depend on your employment status, your area of expertise, how long you want to stay and lots of other factors, so it’s advisable to talk to an immigration specialist or solicitor.

Arranging for healthcare

Healthcare in the USA is expensive and being able to afford treatments is heavily reliant on having suitable private health insurance. As there is no NHS equivalent, or support for foreign nationals under the basic state provisions, health insurance is one of the most important things you’ll need to budget for and organise for you and your family before you move to Ohio.

When you are covered by private health insurance, the healthcare available is some of the best in the world. Major hospitals in Cincinnati, Ohio include The Christ Hospital, the Good Samaritan Hospital, and the St Elizabeth Covington Hospital (actually in neighbouring Kentucky). For waiting times see

Healthcare insurance costs

Given the cost of private health insurance, it is advisable to do some research and compare quotes.

Finding a home and schooling

Housing in Cincinnati is affordable

Housing in Cincinnati is considered as affordable, especially in comparison with that of the major cities on the East and West Coast. For general information about housing, including prices, see the US Census Bureau; property websites such as Realtor, Property Shark, and Zillow are valuable information sources too.

Plenty of family-friendly neighbourhoods

Neighbourhoods to look out for in Cincinnati include Hyde Park, leafy and established with substantial detached homes with three or more bedrooms. Many properties are older, with traditional features. Indian Hill is a similarly well-off suburb with a village-like atmosphere and large detached houses. West Chester township, just to the north of Cincinnati, is characterized by low-density modern housing, including detached properties. Suburban Mount Lookout, another established area, has plenty of larger properties with three or more bedrooms.


The school system in Cincinnati

If you’ve children of school or college age, your choice of neighbourhood will often be defined by your school choice.

In the USA, children begin at preschool (up to age 5), go on to elementary/middle school (roughly ages 6-13) and finish at high school (ages 14-17). The education system can be divided into public schools (i.e. publicly-funded; the Cincinnati city boundaries operated by Cincinnati Public Schools) and private schools. The former come under the category of either “traditional” or “charter”; the regulations governing the latter are less stringent. Magnet schools offer a specialized curriculum. Private schools are often faith-based and operated by Christian denominations.

International schools and public high schools

There are no international schools in Cincinnati, but Purcell Marian High School, a private Catholic school, offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme. The New School Montessori offers Montessori education up to age 12. Notable public high schools include Withrow University High School. Walnut Hills High School, Indian Hill High School and Highlands High School.

Getting an international move quote

You can get a free quotation for your move. When you move to Ohio, America, from the UK, you will likely require a sea shipment for the majority of your belongings and an airfreight shipment for your most essential personal belongings.

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Transferring currency to the USA

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Moving home move to Ohio

Customs and documentation support

It’s important to ensure your documentation and customs forms are all completed correctly. This will save a lot of time and cost later down the line. Several items are either prohibited or restricted and are subject to customs duties. It’s best to have an understanding of these.

Check out this overview of the US Customs requirements here. If you’d like to speak to a Sterling Lexicon Move Consultant, you can call, email or chat with them here.

Protect your move

If you wish to protect your possessions, you’ll need to complete a transit protection form detailing an inventory of items you wish to insure and their insured values.

Packing your possessions

Check with your international mover that they are using professional packing teams to pack your household goods. Ask about the training they receive, the quality of the materials the mover uses and how eco-friendly and recyclable they are!

Transportation times

Allow approximately 4-6 weeks in total for transportation by sea and customs clearance.

Delivery of your household goods into your new home

When your household goods have cleared customs, your international mover will normally be in contact with you to arrange a date and time for delivery to your new place. If you choose Sterling Lexicon, they have professional crews in the US who will unpack and place some essential items in your house or apartment, allowing you to enjoy your first meal in your new home.

Perhaps you need a maid service or handyman to get everything into place and connected. Just speak to your Move Consultant to arrange these items.

Welcome to your new home in Ohio, USA

Before you arrive, you will need to arrange for the practical things such as utility set-up, broadband and local registrations. You can normally get support for this type of requirement, so speak to your international removal company to see if they offer this service. Alternatively, you can make these arrangements directly.

Getting to explore your new neighbourhood is one of the most exciting things. Make sure you do this safely though. For example, explore during the daytime and take a fully charged phone with you. Always be safety aware and enjoy the new experience.

Starting your new life in Ohio

Now it’s time to start living like a local and enjoy your new home! If you’d like to talk about anything in this guide, simply contact your Move Consultant.



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