Canada: Immigration Update

Canada: Immigration Update


As current travel restrictions for Canada are expected to expire at the end of June and with a view of aiding business to move forward post the Covid-19 pandemic, Canadian immigration rules and regulations continue to adapt on a regular basis. Recent developments include, the reopening of some overseas Canadian Visa Application Centers and a new public policy that offers exemption to certain essential workers from completing overseas biometrics.

What has changed?

Reopening of Visa Application Centres (VACs)

Throughout the globe VACs perform specific duties in processing visa and work permits. Key to this is the collection of passports and other supporting documents, and processing biometrics. The following Canadian VACs have either already reopened for limited services or are due to open imminently.

  • Athens, Greece
  • China (most cities)
  • Dubai, UAE
  • Dusseldorf, Germany
  • Erbil, Iraq
  • Manama, Bahrain
  • Vienna, Austria
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Tel Aviv, Israel
The following VACs are also expected to reopen before the end of June: Bangalore, India and US Application Support Centers.

Exemption for essential workers for overseas biometrics

On June 5th, 2020, the Canadian Government issued a new public policy that included the exemption for foreign nationals performing the following essential roles: truckdrivers, Agricultural / Agri-food sector workers and health workers, from having to submit their biometrics for visa applications, if the biometrics collection centre or VAC closest to them is closed.

What you need to do

For further information on recent Canadian immigration updates, please contact the Sterling Lexicon immigration team at 

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