Indonesia: Process for work permit cancellation confirmed

Indonesia: Process for work permit cancellation confirmed


Following changes to the work permit and stay permit processes in 2018, the requirements for the cancellation process of the work permit (Notifikasi) has been unclear. The Ministry of Manpower in Indonesia has now clarified the steps employers must complete to formally cancel the work permit going forwards.

What has changed?

Cancellation of a foreign national’s work permit (Notifikasi), is mandatory for every foreign employee who has ceased employment in Indonesia and is completed as a separate process to the cancellation of the stay permit. Until the change in the work and stay permit regulations in late 2018, a foreign national’s work permit had to be manually submitted to the Ministry of Manpower in Indonesia (MOM) by their employers in order to complete the cancellation. The MOM has confirmed the process that must now be followed in completing such a cancellation after it remained unclear since 2018.

The work permit cancellation process must be started once the employee’s in-country cancellation (Exit Permit Only) or out-of-country cancellation (Exit Re-entry Permit) process has been completed and will involve submitting the work permit cancellation request plus any relevant supporting materials on the company's TKA Online account.

What to expect /impact?

Any future work permit cancellations should now follow the above-mentioned process and employers should ensure they complete the cancellation process in a timely fashion following the end of an employee’s assignment. As the MOM may require the employment permit cancellation process to be completed before they will begin considering new applications, failure to accurately cancel permits at the right time may lead to delays in the processing of future cases.

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