France: New law under enactment

France: New law under enactment


The French National Assembly has passed an accelerated bill to allow non-EU foreign national students in France to undertake paid work for an extended number of hours while the Higher Educational Institutes and Universities remain closed. 

What has changed?

On May 15th, 2020 the French National Assembly passed a bill under accelerated processing so that until Universities and Higher Education Institutions are officially reopened for classes, non-EU foreign students currently in France (as of March 16th, 2020) are authorized, by special dispensation, to undertake paid employment. The amount of paid work they are permitted to perform has been extended from 60% of the legal annual duration of work to 80%, which effectively represents 1,285 hours of authorized work.

In addition, and further to our update issued earlier this month, the accelerated bill grants the validity of the following residence documents which would be due to expire between May 16th and June 15th, 2020, to be extended by 180 days. The social and working rights related to the below listed documents are also extended for the 180-day period.

  • Long-stay visas
  • Residence permits, with the exception of permits issued to foreign diplomatic and consular staff
  • Temporary residence permits
  • Residence permit application receipts
It is important to note that this automatic extension does not negate the need to submit residence permit applications, renewal requests or change of status applications, as soon as it is once again possible to do so. The contents of the bill are currently under enactment and due to imminently come into force.

Who is affected?

Any non-EU foreign national students in France who intend to undertake paid employment and individuals holding French residency documents due to expire during the above-mentioned period.

For further information on the contents of the new French law to be enacted, please contact the Sterling Lexicon immigration team at 

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