United Kingdom: New points-based immigration system

United Kingdom: New points-based immigration system

In the United Kingdom, employers are required to hold the relevant sponsor licence in order to sponsor a migrant worker. From 1 January 2021, free movement will end and EU and non-EU citizens will be treated equally in the United Kingdom. 

Prior to this, the United Kingdom will introduce a new points-based immigration system which will provide simple, effective and flexible arrangements for skilled workers from around the world to enter the country and will represent a significant change for employers in the UK.

Further to our previous alerts, employers who do not currently hold a sponsor licence should consider applying for the same if they think they will want to sponsor skilled migrants, including migrants from the EU, from early 2021. Until then, current immigration rules will apply.

The standard processing time for a sponsor licence application is usually 8 weeks once submitted to the Home Office; to be eligible employers must meet a range of criteria including being able to evidence lawful trading as well as nominating Key Personnel who will manage sponsorship within your business.

If you require any assistance, Sterling Lexicon will provide guidance and support to ensure all requirements are met and the relevant documentation is supplied. Please contact the immigration team at immigration@sterlinglexicon.com.

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