Update on China Office Operations During Coronavirus Outbreak

Update on China Office Operations During Coronavirus Outbreak

hong-kong-streetFollowing the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus in China, Sterling Lexicon wants to update our clients and partners on the impact to our business. We are assessing the situation to determine when we will be able to resume our services.

Our offices were scheduled to reopen after the Chinese New Year holidays on Friday 31st January, but the Chinese authorities have now extended the national holidays until 3rd February and for some locations, 10th February. This extension will affect all government bureaus, as well as state-owned and privately-owned businesses. It will also have an impact on visa offices, property management companies, home repair companies and other smaller suppliers that provide services for our assignee’s properties.

For business continuity, our team will resume working remotely beginning on Monday 3rd February. Please note that we will be limited in what services we can provide if government offices are still closed once we reopen.

Sterling Lexicon is monitoring the situation very closely to assess how the outbreak and extended holidays will affect current and upcoming assignments. We are drawing as much information from public bureaus and health organisations as possible and will continue to update our clients and partners as the situation develops.

We are reviewing current assignments with our internal teams and will follow up directly on each assignment/file, should there be any changes.

If you have any questions or concerns during this time, please reach out directly to your account manager or email marketing@sterlinglexicon.com.

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