Shanghai: Measures taken to streamline foreign High-Talent immigration

Shanghai: Measures taken to streamline foreign High-Talent immigration

A “Single Window Application” process is being introduced in some areas of Shanghai to combine the submission of the work permit and residence permits for high-talent foreign applicants.

What has changed?

A “single Window” platform is simultaneously being opened with an international talent port to service high-talent foreigners working in China. The Expert Bureau (currently processing Work Permits) and Public Security Bureau (processing Residence Permits) will be combined into the same Administrative office.

The “Single Window service” is currently only available in but is expected to be rolled into further districts in the future.

  • Minsheng Road in Pudong (The Shanghai Entry and Exit Bureau in Misheng Road)
  • Meiyuan Road (The Shanghai Expert Bureau Head Quatre Office)
  • Xuhui Administration Office in Xuhui District

The “Single Window” service platform will permit the foreign applicant to submit the applications for work permits and residence permits at the same time and they will not have to wait until the work permit is approved before submitting the residence permit application, thus saving approximately five days in the process.

Who is affected?

High talent foreign national applicants submitting work and residence permit applications in Shanghai.

What to expect / impact?

Once the Single Window platform is established, the result should shorten the overall processing times.

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