Nigeria: The Nigeria Visa Policy 2020

Nigeria: The Nigeria Visa Policy 2020

The Nigeria Visa Policy 2020 has been implemented following the signing of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (ACFTA), with the aim of increasing marketplace trade and free movement between the major economic powers within the continent.

What has changed?

President Muhammadu Buhari officially launched the Nigeria Visa Policy (NVP) 2020 on the 4th February 2020. This NVP replaces the previous visa policy from 2012 and introduces 3 visa categories (short visit, temporary residence and permanent residence visas), increases the class of visa from 6 to 79, and provides for visa exempt nationalities.

The aim of the new NVP being to attract overseas innovation, specialist skills and knowledge to bolster the local workforce while also aligning with global best practice. The NVP also introduces an electronic “E-visa” which will enable an online application with pre-approval prior to arrival in Nigeria.

Who is affected?

The Nigeria Visa Policy 2020 will affect all foreign nationals travelling to Nigeria, for tourism, business or long-term work and residency purposes.

What to expect / impact?

The desire is for the new NVP to attract foreign direct investment, increase global competitiveness, and boost the economy and tourism, without compromising national security.

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