August 28, 2020

Argentina: Distancing Extended, But Special Entry Travel Increase Likely to Follow

Mandatory distancing requirements in Argentina have been extended to August 30, 2020 in order to continue combatting the spread of Covid-19. It is expected that entry into Argentina will begin to open up in September and October as the Argentinean authorities permit entry to foreign nationals holding “Special Entry Permits.”

What has changed?

Following the measures taken by the Argentinean Government on August 16 in extending the obligatory social quarantine requirements and the closure of borders until August 30, the airlines have applied to Argentina’s ANAC (National Civil Aviation Administration) to increase the frequency of flights through September and October. It’s a pre-emptive measure in anticipation of an increase in the number of individuals entering the country holding “Special Entry Permits”.

The flights will be limited to only those foreigners holding special entry permits as essential workers, residents, temporary workers and Argentinean citizens. Entry on these flights will not be permitted for tourism purposes.

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