August 11, 2023

Change of Address Checklist

Moving house can be exciting, but all of the little tasks that come with it can be daunting. 

If you have moved more than once, you know that updating your address is a time-consuming and – frankly – boring task. But don’t ignore it.  

Your address is often tied to your financial accounts, health providers and more. From the minor inconvenience of delayed mail to the serious consequences of identity theft, neglecting to change your address after you move can cause some serious headaches. 

So don’t delay! Let’s get this tedious and important job of changing your addresses out of the way. 

Use our handy address change checklist below to get you started.  Or download your free Change of Address Checklist pdf.*



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Address Change Checklist for Moving*


◻️Bank accounts
◻️Credit cards
◻️Investment/retirement accounts
◻️Tax authorities 
◻️Municipal authorities - register/deregister
◻️Financial advisor


◻️Home insurance
◻️Alarm companies
◻️Mobile phone 


◻️Auto insurance
◻️Loan provider


Our free printable list includes:

◻️Drivers’ license
◻️Life insurance 
◻️Health insurance
◻️Government health cards
◻️Other health professionals
◻️Alma mater
◻️Holiday card list




◻️Old school 
◻️New school
◻️Children’s activity providers (sports, music, etc.)


◻️Kennel, etc. 

Change of phone number checklist

When you are changing your address, don’t forget to update your phone number, especially for accounts using your number as a contact identifier or secondary security measure. These may include*:

◻️Email accounts
◻️Bank accounts
◻️Investment accounts
◻️Streaming services (Netflix, Spotify, etc.)
◻️Rideshare services (Uber, Lyft etc.)
◻️Mobile wallets 
◻️Social media
◻️Loyalty accounts at pharmacies, groceries and retail stores

* Use this list to help you brainstorm all of the companies, organisations or individuals that may have your address or phone number on file. 

Sending a text or email blast? Check your contact list first!

Before you send a group text to your contacts, make sure your contact list is updated and/or avoid sending your new details to your whole contact list. You may have friends or acquaintances who have changed their numbers without notifying you. 

Consider a text or email blast to:

  • Colleague
  • Friends
  • Anyone who lists you as an emergency contact
  • Anyone who sends you bank transfers via e-transfer


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