October 4, 2022

Delivering a Great Relocation Experience for Your Mobile Employees is What Consultants Do Best

Advances in technology have enhanced how global mobility programs can be run and managed, augmenting the employee experience throughout the assignment lifecycle. Many employees have learned to embrace technology in their work life, particularly as remote work became the norm during the pandemic.

But let’s never forget that relocation, whether within one country or across borders, is about people, and only relying on technology to support a transferring employee’s journey can result in a poor employee experience during one of the most stressful times in their lives.

Sterling Lexicon supports our clients’ valuable talent by providing a human touch as well as using relevant technology platforms. The Venn diagram below shows how technology touches many aspects of global mobility; it’s the interconnection with our people and our partnership with clients and their employees that makes the difference.

Human Touch in a Digital World

Human Touch in a Digital World - Diagram Graphic

    • The uppermost circle represents the use of technology as an engine for managing the mobility program holistically.
    • The circle at the bottom left represents technology the employee will use that is fundamental to corporate global mobility process management.
    • The circle at the bottom right represents technology the downstream suppliers use in the delivery of services.

The employee experience sits at the nexus of the interlinking technologies located in each of these different segments and represents the importance of the human touch in effectively and efficiently supporting transferring employees.

The Benefits a Consultant Brings to the Employee Experience

While online resources are common and welcomed, employees benefit from conversations with a consultant who will explain the assistance offered in the employer’s relocation or assignment package, as well as specifics about how the company, their RMC, and other suppliers will support them throughout the process. Employees appreciate that a real person is available to answer questions and provide solutions as issues arise.

The human touch is also provided by the employer’s global mobility team as the internal resource. Technology enables them to track the progress of individual relocations and assignments, review notes from the RMC about interactions with their employees, and with the help of their account manager, report on results, giving them more time to interact with employees.

Suppliers, such as real estate agents and Destination Services Providers, were hampered by the pandemic, and in response, developed creative ways to help employees gain an understanding of their destination without a physical presence. As travel restrictions lift, in-person tours are again available, adding that human touch to this phase.

We find consultants are the main source of information for transferring employees because of the 360-degree view they have of the entire relocation, and while offering transferees access to websites with pertinent information, working together with a consultant contributes more to a successful relocation or expatriate assignment.

As the war for talent continues and organizations are learning to appreciate that meeting the needs of their workforce may require more flexibility and empathy, Sterling Lexicon’s ability to build strong partnerships with our clients, combined with the right technology and along with our commitment to putting people first, ensures best-in-class service is delivered.


Stuart Jackson

Stuart Jackson

As Account Director at Sterling Lexicon, Stuart focuses on working with clients to optimize their global mobility solutions. Stuart has worked in global mobility for 19 years. His broad experience of working with different program sizes across a variety of industry sectors helps to bring success to clients' programs and wider business strategies. If you would like to discuss any of the points raised in this article or learn more about Sterling Lexicon, please do not hesitate to contact Stuart Jackson at stuart.jackson@sterlinglexicon.com.

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