November 6, 2023

How to find an expat group overseas

Moving abroad is an incredible opportunity. You will be given the chance to grow professionally and personally, while having experiences that others can only dream about.

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But moving out of country can have its challenges too. How can you hit the ground running and get the most of your time living and working abroad?

Many expats say their social network, including other expats, helped them have a successful overseas work assignment.

Other expatriates can:

  • Connect you with important services and information
  • Ease your settling in process
  • Help you find new friends

Expat networks can also support your whole family, especially if your spouse won’t be able to work while living abroad. 

So let’s get started! We’ll share our top tips for creating a great expat network abroad.

Step 1: Contact new expat groups ASAP – even before you leave home

It’s never too early to reach out. 

Contact some expat clubs in your new city as soon as you know you are moving internationally. They can connect you with other expatriates and often share advice about real estate, schools, and other important items – before you even arrive. How good would that feel?

Some local and international expat groups to try:

American Women’s Clubs: Search for a local AWC chapter
American Women’s Associations: Various local chapters*
The Black Expat
British and Commonwealth Women's Association
Chambers of Commerce (AmCham, British Chamber, etc.)*
Federation of German American Clubs
Goethe Institute (German speakers): 158 institutes in 98 countries*
International Newcomers: Various local chapters*
International Women’s Clubs: Various local chapters*
Newcomers Clubs: Various local chapters*
Parent’s groups at your child’s new school
University alumni groups from your alma mater
Welcome/Accueille clubs*
Expat groups related to your work, nationality, or interests  
*Many international expat clubs have separate websites for each local chapter. An easy way to find a local expat group is to type the club name (or the word "expat) plus your country or city. 

Other ways to find expatriate groups or meet ups 

Great websites for people moving overseas


More online forums for moving internationally Moving guides, blogs, etc.
Expat forum: Q&A forum with 3.4M posts and 440K members
Expatica: Information about popular countries for expats
Welcome Centre: Assistance and information about living in Germany


Step 2: Once you are living abroad, scout out places to make friends 

After you arrive, keep expanding your circle.

Good places to meet both newcomers and long-term residents:

Co-working locations (for part-time/remote workers)
Groups or activities related to your interests: Sports, fitness, hiking, cultural adventures/tours, choirs, bridge, arts, etc.
Groups related to interests you didn’t know you had: Dragon boat racing, anyone?
Language classes or language exchanges (Intercambio in Spain is a great option)
Private clubs and golf clubs
Volunteer groups

Step 3: Rely on your relocation team 

Our Move Specialists help our clients move around the world. They can help you too! Ask your Sterling Lexicon Move Specialist about services for expatriates in your new city. 

Are you moving overseas? Let our experienced and caring move specialists help simplify your house removals.

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