November 17, 2023

Introducing Sterling Lexicon Client Solutions

If you manage global mobility programs for your enterprise, you know that it can be challenging.

You may need to manage multiple policies, service providers, complex compliance requirements, and cost reporting, among other things. 

How can you streamline this process? Partner with Sterling Lexicon Client Solutions. 

Sterling Lexicon Client Solutions focuses on investing and building relationships.

Our approach is to provide dedicated ownership and accountability to our clients — from the initial consultation and throughout the journey.

Client Solutions oversees the intersection of people, services and technology. We deliver the right value by listening to the market, understanding the pains, needs and concerns of our clients, and utilising our experience from partnering with a diverse portfolio of clients.


How can Sterling Lexicon Client Solutions help you?

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Global Mobility Policy Strategy | A Consultative Approach

Is your global mobility policy working for you? 

Whether you need to improve your existing framework or create a new global mobility policy, our extensive knowledge of current industry practices, global markets, and relocation trends can provide critical support. 

1.    Our culture of listening begins with our initial consultation. Your dedicated Client Solutions manager will learn your unique pains, needs and concerns when it comes to moving employees overseas. 

2.    With strategic insights and a consultative approach, your Client Solutions manager will help you make better business decisions about your global mobility strategy, including policy design, cost, and compliance. 

3.    Throughout your policy implementation, your dedicated Client Solutions manager remains your single point of contact – a collaborative partner who listens and knows your culture and your business.

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Your People. Our Passion | Selecting and supporting employees for an overseas work assignment 

The key to a successful global mobility program is its people.

With our knowledge and assistance, you can match the right people and roles in the locations you need, with competitive compensation aligned with industry peers and based on current market data. We are trusted experts whose understanding of diverse markets can help keep you secure and compliant, wherever you need to be. 

Continuous communication for employees on assignment

Are your employees ready to move overseas and hit the ground running?

Our Client Solutions philosophy of ownership and accountability is mirrored in our support for your employees.

Our relocation consultants average more than twelve years in the industry and are experts in overseas moving. They are a support and single point of contact for your employee, allowing the employee and their family to focus on what matters to them — getting settled in a new home and succeeding in a new role.

Services for relocating employees

Our tailored, integrated solutions for each client leverage a wide breadth of services around the globe, including: 
•    Immigration services
•    Temporary accommodation
•    Home Search
•    Settling-in services
•    Household goods moving
•    Repatriation assistance

Support for Repatriating Expats

Repatriation is a key – and often neglected – moment in any overseas work assignment. 

Whether the employee is moving on to another overseas assignment or is returning to the head or home office, Client Solutions can help streamline the repatriation process and help make your employee’s return easier. We can also help you gather valuable information about your employee’s experience, leading to more informed decisions for ongoing and future assignments.

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Relocation Technology | GDPR compliant  

How could great technology support your global mobility program?

Our relocation technology platform is flexible, designed to facilitate authorizations, assignment cost reporting and more, all from custom dashboards that are GDPR compliant. 

Our relocation tools can even help your employees manage lump sum relocation packages and get the most from their budget, with access to our vetted top-tier partners. 

Employees on assignment can manage their relocation timeline and expenses with our easy-to-use mobile app. 


Sterling Lexicon Client Solutions – dedicated ownership and accountability throughout your relocation journey

When you partner with Sterling Lexicon for your global mobility needs, our end-to-end client solutions are designed to help you build and maintain a robust, successful relocation policy that fits specifically with your needs — all with a dedicated point of contact and support.

Would you like to learn how a dedicated Sterling Lexicon Client Solutions manager can help you streamline and improve your Global Mobility Program? Reach out today.  

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Your people. Our Passion 

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