August 2, 2019

Right Person, Right Role, Right Place: Promoting Global Mobility and Attracting Talent

This article originally appeared in the Summer edition of International HR Adviser.

Getting the right person in the right role in the right place has been a mantra for Global Mobility professionals for a long time. It neatly sums up a key focus for the Global Mobility function as an enabler, partnering with the business to move the talent which is helping to execute on the organisation’s strategic

Changes in the way organisations approach performance management coupled with the deployment of better technologies to facilitate performance management are helping organisations to ensure that they are consistently checking all three boxes not just for the length of an assignment but throughout an employee’s career with a company. This process is engaging employees with the organisation, enhancing their experience in the workplace and improving their output. Happy, productive employees. Global Mobility has a significant contribution to make to this process in ensuring that the key skills required for expatriate employees are embedded into employee development and performance management processes. To learn more, download the full article below.

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Stuart Jackson

Stuart Jackson

As Account Director at Sterling Lexicon, Stuart focuses on working with clients to optimize their global mobility solutions. Stuart has worked in global mobility for 19 years. His broad experience of working with different program sizes across a variety of industry sectors helps to bring success to clients' programs and wider business strategies. If you would like to discuss any of the points raised in this article or learn more about Sterling Lexicon, please do not hesitate to contact Stuart Jackson at

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