July 8, 2021

South Korea Updates List of Special Quarantine Required Countries

Per the Korean Ministry of Disease Control and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the list of Special Quarantine countries has been revised, and now includes: the Philippines, South Africa, France, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and Indonesia. The United Kingdom has been removed from the list.

Furthermore, the country has officially suspended visa issuance number (VIN) applications at the Korean Immigration Office and visa applications at the Korean Consulate abroad for applicants who are either nationals of the countries on the Special Quarantine Required list, or foreign nationals residing in that country.

Despite the suspension, those individuals who are considered “exceptionally permitted visa applicants” may apply at the immigration office and visa application center at the Korean consulate overseas. Visa types eligible for “exceptional permission to apply” are:

    • Diplomacy (A1), Public Affairs (A2), Agreement (A3)
    • Study Abroad (D2, but only for the government-invited)
    • Expat for Korean Branch (D7), Expat for Foreign Direct Investment Enterprise (D8), Trade management (D9)
    • Expert (E1, E5, E6 (excluding E-6-2), E7)
    • Accompanying Dependent (F3)
    • Marriage immigrant (F6)
    • Long-term visa applicants who are acknowledged for the necessity of urgent entry because of humanitarian reasons.

At present, visa applications under the above exceptional permission are experiencing processing delays of 1-2 weeks longer than the usual period.

Please note that this is a temporary policy and could be changed at any time and without advance notice.

For further information on quarantine requirements and entry restrictions into South Korea, please contact the Sterling Lexicon immigration team.

Leanne Cottrell

Leanne Cottrell

As Head of Immigration with Sterling Lexicon, Leanne leads a team of specialists who are responsible for ensuring the entire immigration process is smooth and stress-free for clients, assignees and their accompanying family members. She brings over ten years of experience in strategic immigration management, planning and consultation to her role, and has cultivated invaluable knowledge and experience in processing countless global migration applications. As a trusted partner, she consults with clients on everything from policy considerations and cost or efficiency improvements, to the impact of opening offices in new locations. Leanne is a frequent presenter and author on global immigration topics and trends.

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