July 14, 2019

Success Story: CDK Global

Streamlined workflows freed up in-house HR resources and amplified ROI.


Expansion led to cumbersome relocation policies

In 2014, CDK Global separated from its parent company and began establishing its own brand. As the business grew, so did its mobile employee population. At the time, the company handled relocation services in-house and was struggling to manage various expatriate agreements. In 2017, CDK leaders began executing a 2020 strategy that included streamlining the global relocation programme.


Programme Challenges

A growing company needs help

  • Multiple expatriate agreements and policies used CDK Global HR resources and time inefficiently
  • Less time devoted to employee experience
  • Had to outsource expatriate agreements
  • Mobility/HR leadership changes


Sterling Lexicon streamlines global mobility programme and increases performance efficiency

Known for delivering flexible solutions, data-driven results and an exceptional customer experience, Sterling Lexicon assessed CDK Global’s various policies and the internal management of those policies.

Upon comprehensive benchmark of all policy types, Sterling Lexicon’s knowledgeable staff identified process gaps and guided CDK Global to create a clear vision and concrete goals for its mobility programme, while alleviating the administrative burden on the mobility manager.

“Prior to contracting with Sterling Lexicon, CDK spoke to a few different relocation companies, but we felt like we were just another client to them. We needed a partner that could be an extension of our own business and work with us, not for us.”
Sarah Goodrick-Meech, Former Mobility Manager, CDK Global (UK) Limited

Business Impact

  1. Implemented streamlined workflow that allowed HR professionals to focus on employee retention

  2. Created comprehensive suite of policies, executive summaries and letters of assignment for consistency across network.

  3. Enabled the establishment of two new service centres in Prague and China.

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