April 23, 2024

A New Kind of Event: Sterling Lexicon delivers a consistent group move experience for Eventbrite, from Argentina to multiple destinations in Spain

A New Kind of Event


Eventbrite is a global, self-service digital marketplace. It connects event creators and participants with live experiences across all sorts of interests, hobbies and passions. Operating from 9 countries, Eventbrite enables people all over the world to discover new things to do or new ways to do more of what they love.


In mid-2023, they needed to create a different kind of event experience: relocating employees – or “Britelings,” as they are affectionately known – and their families from Argentina to Spain. This was the company’s first group move. As an award-winning employer, it was essential to them that their team members would be given the same kind of collaborative, fulfilling experience that defines their mission and work. In fact, Eventbrite seeks to support their workforce not just wherever they are, but as whoever they are. So, they gave Britelings and their accompanying family members the choice of where in Spain they wished to live and be their best, most authentic selves. Some chose the Eventbrite Spanish office location of Madrid, some opted for Barcelona, Malaga, or Valencia, while others looked to even more remote locations.


Sterling Lexicon brought their global client solutions and account management teams from the US and Spain together – the “event creators,” if you will – with the US-based Eventbrite HR team. They  worked to understand the strategy, develop and review policy and align on which benefits would best support each “event goer” – or Britelings and their family members – across every stage of their journeys. The teams collaborated to determine and agree on the appropriate timelines, budgets and required services.

Empathetic to the fact that each Briteling would have different needs, excitement levels or concerns, the next step was to bring them and their family members together with the Sterling Lexicon team. They explained the process, outlined specific details around required roles and responsibilities and walked them through the support they would receive. They held multiple advisory and Q&A sessions – virtually and in person – in English and Spanish.

Delivering the same level of high-quality, consistent services across the six locations was challenging, particularly for the more remote areas where fewer professional services are readily available. Sterling Lexicon’s local destination consultants traveled across the country to help support each Briteling’s moving needs and get them happily settled into and productive in their new roles, wherever they chose to begin them.

Business Impact

A record number of Britelings and their family members accepted the move to Spain. Representing a variety of different roles, the retention of as many of the Argentinian operation group was critical. Eventbrite is pleased to report that they are happily settled in, and back to doing what they do best: helping bring the world together through shared live experiences.

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Fast Facts

  • 16 employees and family members moved
  • 6 locations across Spain

Core/Flex Services

  • Policy review/consulting
  • Immigration
  • Social security and other local authority registrations
  • Area orientation
  • Home search
  • School search
  • Temporary accommodation
  • Household goods moving
  • Pet transportation

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Kristin White

Kristin White

Kristin brings nearly 30 years of experience in global workforce mobility, PR, marketing, editorial planning and communications to her role as a member of the thought leadership and content development teams. Before joining the company in 2020, she worked for many years at Worldwide ERC® in collaboration with cross-departmental teams and industry stakeholders to develop in-person and virtual event programming, digital and print content, and served as editor of Mobility magazine. Contact Kristin at kristin.white@sterlinglexicon.com.

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