July 14, 2019

Success Story: Mitre

24/7 access to custom reports helped a non-profit get a handle on relocation spend.


Limited report options hindered MITRE’s transparency

MITRE is a not-for-profit organisation that operates research and development centers sponsored by the U.S. Federal Government. MITRE has 7,500 employees worldwide that operate out of two principal locations in Bedford, MA and McLean, VA, as well as additional sites across the country and around the world. As a federally funded organization, MITRE is responsible for providing a full breakdown of costs associated with its relocation programme. However, limited reporting options and delays on the provider’s end made it difficult for MITRE to give a full view of the programme and costs to stakeholders.


Programme Challenges

  • MITRE struggles to show expenses associated with relocation services.
  • Unable to measure and report metrics and costs required by contracts.
  • Reports only available during business hours, and on the provider’s timeline.


Sterling Lexicon creates customized, accessible reports for better business

Known for its flexible and tailored programmes, Sterling Lexicon provided the technology and team expertise to support the requirements MITRE needed from its suppliers while achieving the non-profit’s financial goals. By partnering with Sterling Lexicon, MITRE had 24/7 access to custom reports that help analyse relocation spend. The flexible programme
supplied by Sterling Lexicon, combined with a dedicated team, led to a happy partnership.

“I have been in the relocation industry for more than 17 years and cannot be happier with our management team,” said Wayne Conway, Relocation Services Manager at MITRE. “The quality of services, compliance, technical excellence and accuracy of reporting is excellent.”

Sterling Lexicon earned the Top Performer Award from MITRE for fulfilling its commitment to provide quality service.

“Reporting at Sterling Lexicon is superior. We can produce customized reports on demand. We must be able to defend our expenses, and Sterling Lexicon provides that with ease.”
Wayne Conway, Relocation Services Manager at MITRE

Business Impact

  1. Customized reports break down costs for stakeholders.

  2. On-demand option makes reports available 24/7.

  3. Flexible programme fits MITRE’s unique goals.

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