July 14, 2019

Success Story: Southern Company

How an energy company improved transferee satisfaction rates to 99%


Long-time provider no longer measures up Southern Company is a premier energy company that provides clean, safe and reliable energy across America.

After many years of service from a single global mobility provider, employee satisfaction rates began to decline, and the provider’s overall responsiveness began to suffer. With a high level of competition for talent in the industry, Southern Company could not afford to have dissatisfied employees.

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Programme Challenges

Southern Company knows change is needed

  • Declining relocating employee satisfaction.
  • Lack of responsiveness from the provider.
  • Immediate need to evaluate program without interrupting relocations.


Sterling Lexicon’s custom solution leads to soaring satisfaction.

Sterling Lexicon implemented a customized pilot program that allowed Southern Company to do a side-by-side comparison of relocation services and employee satisfaction with their current relocation provider. By comparing services, performance metrics and employee satisfaction, Southern Company could perform a full and accurate dissection of the results. Based on the results of the pilot, Southern Company decided to execute the program and Sterling Lexicon created a flexible, scalable, and open-ended program specific to the cultural needs of the Southern Company.

Over the subsequent three years, Sterling Lexicon handled an increasing percentage of Southern Companies’ total relocation volume. The results showed a marked difference in satisfaction scores between Sterling Lexicon and the incumbent relocation provider, with Sterling Lexicon achieving between 98% and 100% transferee satisfaction scores, which was six to ten percentage points higher than the existing provider during the same period.

Southern Company awarded Sterling Lexicon 100% of their relocation business.

Business Impact

  1. Improved transferee satisfaction to an average of 99%.

  2. Customized, flexible plan fit Southern Company’s culture.

  3. Phase-in process cost business virtually no money to change providers.

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