November 8, 2019

Take 5 With Sterling Lexicon's Account and Relocation Manager


Meet Luis Navarrete, Sterling Lexicon’s Account and Relocation Manager for Spain. Having been in the mobility industry for nearly 20 years, he told us about how he has achieved success in global mobility. We asked him five questions to find out more.

What is your background in global mobility?

I’ve been in the mobility industry since 2001, when I began as an Import Coordinator. Over my career, I’ve also served as a Managing Director in Relocation for Relocations Espana, and Head of Mobility at DLF Group. I’ve represented my company attending congress as FIDI, OMNI, IAM, Lacma.

What attracted you to Sterling Lexicon?

What initially attracted me is Sterling Lexicon’s reputation as the highest quality global mobility provider. Beyond that, living in Spain, the culture is to form personal and caring relationships and good communication with customers. I found the same with Sterling Lexicon. It’s an approach that not every company has. Taking the time to listen to the client is the heart of the Sterling Lexicon approach.

What will be your areas of focus at Sterling Lexicon?

My main focus will be Business Development. Sterling Lexicon is of great value to Spanish companies, because we bring expertise and know-how in the mobility field—and that’s very much needed in Spain.

What region will you be concentrating on?

Latin America (LATAM). There is potential for huge economic growth. A competitor recently established itself in the region and is having tremendous success.

Which of our core values (teamwork, commitment, innovation, integrity, trust) do you feel you embody most?

To me it’s the teamwork and the passion in what we do—it’s at the heart of a great company. We’re continuously moving forward, innovating and improving and teamwork is a big part of why we succeed.


Lynsey DeSouza

Lynsey DeSouza

As Marketing Manager for Sterling Lexicon, Lynsey brings over ten years of experience working within the B2B and B2C markets throughout the EMEA and APAC regions, designing and executing successful strategies and campaigns. She brings a deep understanding of the competitive landscape, market data and consumer behaviour to her role, serving as a liaison between the marketing and sales teams and project manager for multiple lead-generating and brand-awareness-raising initiatives. Lynsey leads and reports on the ongoing enhancements and improvements to the Sterling Lexicon website in the areas of market research, content development, translation, and optimisation for improved user experiences, external rankings, and conversions. Lynsey can be reached at

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