October 23, 2020

U.K. Container Ports Experience Congestion Delays

The effects of the global pandemic continue to require adjustments to daily life and business practices.

For the global moving industry, one of those is working to manage the congestion and backlog that many global shipping ports are now experiencing, as unprecedented volumes of containers make their way through the system.

The health, safety and economic impacts of the pandemic have resulted in fewer resources, shortages of container vehicles and drivers, and subsequent delays in vehicle booking systems, adding to the difficulties of managing the record numbers of containers coming into the ports throughout the U.K. All these combined forces are causing a substantial backlog in deliveries of containers to residences and warehouses.

Sterling Lexicon is working very closely with the Port Authorities and haulage companies to minimize the impact to our clients.

Some of the steps we are taking to help avoid potential delivery disruption include:

  • Accepting vehicles with their accompanying containers into our warehouse as early as possible in the day, from 6:00 a.m. onwards.
  • Checking with our clients and overseas partners to determine whether deliveries can be made earlier than originally requested.
  • Avoiding loading and unloading directly at the residence, instead transiting the goods via our warehouse, where they will be stowed and unstowed onto smaller vehicles for onward transport. Eliminating the need for the container haulier to travel into a major city provides greater flexibility. 

Despite all efforts, there may still be unavoidable delays that require additional charges, impacting clients and overseas partners alike. We will continue to monitor this situation closely and make as many necessary alterations to our working practices as appropriate and update you accordingly.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to Agata Kent, Operations Director UK at agata.kent@sterlinglexicon.com. 

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