August 18, 2020

United States: USCIS conducts second 2021 H1-B Lottery

It has been confirmed that the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) did not reach its 2021 H1-B quota of 85,000 cases. As such, they have conducted a second lottery and this week began notifying employers of the results.

What has changed?

The USCIS did not reach its 85,000 quota for the 2021 H1-B cases as they did not receive enough petitions during the initial registration period running from April 1st and June 30th, 2020. Consequently, they have conducted a second lottery. It is not yet known how many additional cases are being selected in this second lottery, however the USCIS are expected to announce the second lottery and indicate the number of H1-B cases that will be made available.

No additional action is required from employers in order to be included in the second lottery as the USCIS will select from those who submitted H1-B registrations in March 2020 but who were not successful in the initial lottery.

The USCIS have begun to notify employers if they have been selected for additional H1-B cap registration and will have from August 17th until November 16th, 2020 to complete their petitions for these new registrations.

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