Small Shipment Solution

Quick, Easy and Stress-Free Moving

Slow relocations cost your company. From lack of productivity and unsettled employees to increased temporary housing and per diem costs, each day a relocating employee is in transition your organization loses more. Sterling Lexicon created a small shipment solution that streamlines the move process to transport goods more efficiently.

Delivering a better experience in less time, our modern concept combines the convenience of containerized shipping with the benefits and peace of mind of a full-service move.

Many companies have felt the impact of industry-wide challenges, which lead to service failures, delayed shipments, increased claims and unhappy transferring employees. Our innovative four-step process bypasses the obstacles of traditional moving methods such as driver shortages, reduced capacity and weight minimums, saving your company money and allowing employees to be settled in their destinations faster.

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Key Benefits:

  • Cost savings for company and employees
  • Reduced calls from unhappy transferring employees
  • Less administration and paperwork for HR
  • Free storage-in-transit under 3,000 lbs. for first 30 days
  • Deliver goods coast-to-coast within 10 days
  • Lower claims
  • Improved employee satisfaction


  • Reduced handling
  • All shipments containerized
  • No minimum weight requirements
  • International packing on every move

Transferring employees are raving about their results with the small shipment program.

“We were astonished at how quickly our belongings arrived.”
-Joe S., NYC to Dallas

“No damage and ahead of schedule... movers were great.”
-Michelle E., San Jose to Portland

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A Move in the Right Direction

Relocate employees quickly and affordably, without compromising on quality through our unique moving program.  

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Sterling Lexicon saves large, Bay Area financial technology company over $1.1 million.

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