Success Story

Banco Sabadell

How Local, on-the-ground resources enhanced the global relocation experience for banco sabadell assignees


Cumbersome short-term relocations left Banco Sabadell stranded

Banco Sabadell had been with its former relocation provider since 2015. The bank began doing more short-term assignments (STA) and relocations; however, the provider didn’t offer accommodations for STAs.

In 2017, Banco Sabadell’s internal resources relocated assignees to Mexico and had to use hotels for three-month assignments.

After that experience, Banco Sabadell launched an RFP for a global relocation provider with a full range of mobility services. They chose Sterling Lexicon. Not long after implementation began it became clear that Sterling Lexicon’s solutions delivered the services that Banco Sabadell needed: reliable management of short-term relocation services that improved quality of employee assignments and delivered real cost savings.



  • Timing: Accommodations were dependent on the availability of a limited inventory of apartments.
  • Booking reservations: The property did not provide the reservation document until the contract was fully signed.
  • Data accuracy: Mistakes slowed contract and lease negotiations.
  • Employee experience: There was no support for assignees to help them integrate into their new communities.
  • Visibility: Manual entry and disparate systems meant Banco Sabadell lacked data about the mobility programme.

Fast Facts

20+ annually
Key Services:
Short-term assignments, household goods moving,language, cultural and family training



With substantial knowledge of the local markets, Sterling Lexicon was able to demonstrate its expertise in managing corporate housing bookings

As the partnership grew, Sterling Lexicon signed many short-term assignments with its current global providers. Sterling Lexicon was able to ensure accurate data about what was written in the contracts and lease negotiations. Also, Banco Sabadell was very satisfied with Sterling Lexicon’s excellence in creating a proper timeframe to handle bookings.

By providing vital support to assignees who were relocating abroad, Sterling Lexicon helped them integrate into their new community, assisting with any challenges to reduce the chances of an unhappy household.

Using its full range of services (STA, HHGs and Relocations), Sterling Lexicon improved visibility into its mobility programme, enhanced the assignee experience, refined existing processes and worked closely with them on all international relocations.



  • By fully integrating into the Banc Sabadell culture, and acting as an extension of their team, Sterling Lexicon increased customer satisfaction.
  • Working with only one global provider made communication easier and streamlined short-term relocation processes.
  • Local, on-the-ground resources with knowledge of the culture enhanced the global relocation experience for assignees.

The Sterling Lexicon staff is very helpful at any point. They always listen to us and craft new strategies based on our needs. Their agility to put in place new solutions is an added value which improves our assignees’ experience when relocating abroad.” — Carol Pardo de Andrade, Head of Global Mobility, Banco Sabadell

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