Success Story

Lancaster University

Fully managed relocation program attracts top talent for Lancaster University


Allowance relocation program results in poor transferee experience

Lancaster University, a collegiate public research university in Lancaster, Lancashire, England, was using an allowance relocation program, also known as lump sum, as one strategy to attract and retain top academics. Allowance relocations give employees a pre-determined amount of funds to book their own relocation services, often including movers, temporary housing, home finding and other general relocation-related services.



  • Unexpected costs due to allowances
  • Lack of visibility into where transferees were spending allowances
  • Employee allowances based on grade rather than relocation needs
  • Delays and overspending on unreliable vendors

Fast Facts

75-100 annually
UK, USA, Australia, Africa

Key Services:
Temporary housing, home finding, moving


Sterling Lexicon’s technology enables visibility into program spend

Known for delivering happy, productive employees around the world, Sterling Lexicon created a flexible, full-service relocation program for Lancaster University that reduced the university’s cost per relocation and improved the transferee experience, ultimately helping attract top talent.

By implementing advanced technology that tracks transferee spend by service, and offers easy access to reports, Sterling Lexicon helped the university better allocate funds based on need for a more efficient program.

Sterling Lexicon’s experts guide relocating employees through the relocation process step-by-step, ensuring transferees receive the right services, including help with visa and immigration, through vetted, trusted partners, which vastly improved the relocation experience while eliminating compliance concerns.



  • 19% reduction in the average cost of a relocation
  • Provided insight into relocation spend through advanced technology, and enabled university to better manage funds
  • Improved transferee experience with step-by-step guide through relocation process
  • Successful global recruitment of qualified professors, increased status and high-caliber student applications


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