Core/flex is a phrase used to describe an employee relocation policy that blends a set of pre-defined relocation support services or benefits (‘core’), along with a range of additional, optional services that employees or the business can choose from, based on individual circumstances and needs (‘flex’).

Organisations will typically provide essential compliance services – tax and immigration – as a bare minimum level of core support (i.e., non-negotiable to the employee or the company). Depending on the type of move, the strategic objectives/reasons for the move and the corporate culture, the company may determine that other benefits or services are core, given their perceived contribution to the success of an assignment or relocation, or the extent to which they fulfil a duty of care requirement.

Eligibility for the flexible options is determined differently, depending on employee population, company culture and overall talent and business strategy. Some organisations, for example, will define a list of flexible options determined by employee job-level tier, family size, geographic location, or home ownership status. As with the managed cap, others may opt to provide flexible services via a points-based system, in which the employee has a pre-determined number to apply to a menu of options for the services that best suit their individual needs.

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