Your partner must demonstrate high levels of quality,
efficiency and satisfaction

Partnering with Sterling Lexicon sets talent mobility programs up for success.

When choosing the right partner to help you design and manage your corporate employee relocation program, you need a company that can deliver a successful blend of:

  • The relocation services you need in all locations you need them
  • High quality service delivery
  • Ideas for continually improving efficiencies and adapting to change
  • A track record of achieving high satisfaction scores – from clients and transferees
  • Competitive costs for services, including easy and transparent invoicing and reporting

It’s also important to find the right fit culturally and to build a relationship with a partner who really listens. Does your provider have processes to learn your business and culture? Do they take the time to learn your priorities and values? Does your provider make the employee experience their main focus?

Having the right people in the right roles is critical to your success. The seamless transition of employees for work – whether across a regional or state line, or over several international borders – is a complex process that involves many stages.

Mapping the best, right path for you and your team takes time and careful planning, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. The questions to ask and the tools you need depend on how mature your talent mobility program is, and at what stage of the decision-making process you’re in. Sterling Lexicon is here to help.

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Exploring Options

I’m actively exploring options, identifying which companies to invite to an RFP for relocation services

Assessing Timing

I’m assessing if now is the right time to make changes to my current employee relocation partner(s)

New to Relocation

I’m completely new to employee relocation, and need help getting started


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