July 25, 2019

Take 5 with Sterling Lexicon's Service Delivery Manager HHG

stefanie huterMeet Stefanie Huter, Sterling Lexicon's new Service Delivery Manager HHG, Frankfurt. Find out more about why Stefanie chose Sterling Lexicon.


What is your background in global mobility?

I started my career in 2001 with a privately held road hauling company. I developed a passion for the mobility industry and never left it. I’ve worked in different roles from sales assistant, surveyor, operational manager and service delivery manager. It’s given me the opportunity to learn the business from many different angles and perspectives.


What attracted you to Sterling Lexicon?

I’ve previously worked with management and leadership in the company. I knew they had the same attitude and drive, and that their core values are in line with my own.


What will be your areas of focus at Sterling Lexicon?

As a Service Delivery Manager, I am reviewing existing structures and implementing new processes internally together with my team to optimize daily workflows.


What region will you be concentrating on?

I’ll be working for the German team, setting up Frankfurt. And I’m delighted to share knowledge with the other global teams in the service partner network.


Which of our core values (teamwork, commitment, innovation, integrity, trust) do you feel you embody most?

For me, all core values are important as they all impact one another. If I had to pick one, I truly believe fostering a team spirit. Teamwork results in happy colleagues who enjoy their work and deliver the best possible experience for our clients.

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Lynsey DeSouza

Lynsey DeSouza

As Marketing Manager for Sterling Lexicon, Lynsey brings over ten years of experience working within the B2B and B2C markets throughout the EMEA and APAC regions, designing and executing successful strategies and campaigns. She brings a deep understanding of the competitive landscape, market data and consumer behaviour to her role, serving as a liaison between the marketing and sales teams and project manager for multiple lead-generating and brand-awareness-raising initiatives. Lynsey leads and reports on the ongoing enhancements and improvements to the Sterling Lexicon website in the areas of market research, content development, translation, and optimisation for improved user experiences, external rankings, and conversions. Lynsey can be reached at lynsey.desouza@sterlinglexicon.com.

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