July 16, 2019

RES Report Chapter 2: Efficient Global People Effectiveness Expert and EVP

The 2019 RES Report explores the need to create effective and efficient global mobility programs. As discussed in Chapter 1, Employee Value Propositions (EVPs) are essential tools to help organizations attract, engage, motivate and retain staff.

Using the “SAFE” Global Mobility Diagram, this chapter hones in on the importance of tying EVP to brand, gaining competitive advantage and engaging global talent. Successful EVP global mobility requires examination of policies, programs and culture. Then communicate an attractive and consistent value prop to prospects.

Useful methods for EVP management include:

Create a transparent and fair selection processres infographic report

Establish clear assignment objectives and subsequently follow up on them. It is said that the riskiest assignment of them all would be to return home. To prevent this from happening, consider objectives, communicate them clearly and ensure assignees understand what defines success.

Maintain consistent and fair communication

While overseas employees like their freedom, they don’t like feeling abandoned, so make sure they have a primary contact—someone at the office back home with authority to support them in whatever way necessary. Don’t overlook global employees when it comes to training days and team talks. That way, they know they are still valued and a critical part of the team.

Design attractive reward strategies

Take into consideration assignee aspirations and motivations. There are many activities to help to increase the EVP of international work—and contrary to what many think it doesn’t necessarily mean more money. It includes understanding why assignees might choose to accept a move, what motivates them and how to develop benefits around them. Some examples:

  • Job design and descriptions
  • Rewards
  • Opportunities for enhancing skills and career advancement
  • Transparent and fair expat selection process
  • Moving and compliance
  • Local and international leadership
  • Crisis and other support mechanisms

Reputation, ethics and sustainability

International employees face psychological challenges as well. Helping them avoid or overcome culture shock, lack of friends and colleagues, work-life imbalance, family separation, language barriers and more is an excellent EVP that improves performance, talent development and long-term retention.

Working towards world-class global mobility

Using this approach, you can refine global talent management to make working abroad more attractive, strengthen EVP and compete for international employees.

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